About Us

Greenlite builds AI agents for financial crime investigations. Fintechs and banks use Greenlite agents to automate workflows like suspicious activity investigations, entity due diligence and regulatory reporting.

We’re growing fast; in less than one year, we’ve achieved some major milestones:

  1. Served customers across three continents, including 2 highly regulated banks in the US
  2. Earned significant annual recurring revenue (and growing every month)
  3. Raised $4.8M from Greylock, Y Combinator and General Catalyst

We’re growing our team because demand for Greenlite has outpaced our ability to build the product. We’re now building our founding team to help us bring the latest in LLM technology to one of the largest sectors in the world.

🌎 The problem we’re trying to solve

Over $2 trillion is involved in money-laundering every year - that's about the size of the Canadian economy. Laundered money is the direct proceeds of some of the most heinous crimes in the world - like human trafficking, child pornography and war profiteering.

Unfortunately, with the tools we have today, we only catch 1% of it. Increasing this percentage would dramatically dent the profitability of these industries and protect more people from the harms they create.

👩‍💻 How we’re solving this problem

Greenlite brings large language models to the fight against financial crime. Our AI agents equip financial services companies with investigative capacity to review suspicious activity, conduct entity due diligence and make necessary regulatory reports.

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